6 Reasons Why your refrigerator is not cooling

If your refrigerator isn’t staying cold, it is time to fix the problem. Immediately try to prevent perishables from going bad. Some simple maintenance can solve many problems.

We have compiled this list to assist you if you require professional intervention.
Here are 6 reasons why your fridge isn’t cooling.

Why your refrigerator isn’t cooling

It is crucial to diagnose and determine exactly what is wrong and the problem must be dealt with properly. We have created a guide to help you deal with the problem. This comprehensive list includes most of the probable reasons why your refrigerator isn’t cooling.

1) Thermostat setting is off

Is your refrigerator not cooling properly? It’s almost as if there is an obvious fact, that thermostat dials can sometimes be set too low.

This can cause your refrigerator temperature to rise. If you have a refrigerator that is not properly insulated, this could happen.

Have children or uninformed house guests who are constantly tinkering with the home thermostat as many people find the numbers of the thermostat confusing.

When making adjustments, don’t go in the wrong direction. Keep in mind that the numbers represent power level. Higher numbers will result in higher power levels. Keep your fridge at a lower temperature for best results.

2) Blocked Vents

A series of controls maintain the refrigerator’s temperature ventilation of both internal and exterior. To maintain a consistent appearance, these vents must remain open to maintain temperature. It is important to keep these vents open.

Unintentionally, people block the vents when they store food by unintentionally storing other items around the fridge (i.e. grocery bags). These vents could be partially blocked by dirt, debris, or by spilt items of food. A blocked vent can affect internal temperature.

It is important to keep them as simple as possible.

3) Dirty Condenser Coils

Are you wondering why your fridge won’t cool, but the light is on? Here are the reasons.

The heat is released from the refrigerator by the condenser coil. If the coils are not working, if the fridge is dirty, it will be harder for the heat to escape.

You should clean the condenser coil once a year. If you have pet hair or a lot of dust in your kitchen, it is worth cleaning even more.

Although a dirty coil can affect performance, you can clean it easily with a brush. Use a vacuum cleaner or a long brush so that it can return to its original state.

4) Condenser Fan Motor Is Broken

The refrigerator might not be cool enough.  The condenser fan motor draws air.

To cool them, place the fan over the condenser coils. Refrigerators can easily overheat and fail to cool down properly. Your condenser fan motor can be found behind or under your refrigerator body. It is possible that the fan motor has stopped working and a professional repair may be needed.

5) Evaporator Fan Motor Does Not Work

Your refrigerator may have more than one, depending on the model, evaporator fan motor. If only one fan is present, the motor will be found in the freezer compartment. The cold is circulated by the fan motor of the evaporator and the compartment is flooded with air from the evaporator coils. The fan should be replaced if it is not working.

Motor not working? You may have a cold freeze, but no cool air in your refrigerator compartment.

6) Damaged Control Boards

Modern refrigerators use at least two circuit boards: The main control and the secondary control board.  These boards and the temperature control board can be damaged. Temperature issues could be caused by control boards

It is difficult for a novice person to diagnose and repair problems. If you suspect that there is a problem, it is a good idea to contact a professional.

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